Webinar Replay: Learning Cosmetic Dentistry From the Best: Dr. Ross Nash DDS, FAACD

Learn about minimal & no-prep veneer protocols, lab communication & best practices, proven marketing strategies for your cosmetic dentistry practice, and more.

Hosted By

Dr. Ross Nash


Dr. Nash is an iconic authority in cosmetic and esthetic dentistry and has helped pioneer many of the materials and modalities commonly used today. A fellow of AACD, he has been featured in many journal articles and is a sought after speaker around the world.

brent west, president of frontier dental laboratories

Brent West

With over 25 years experience in the dental lab industry, Brent is the guiding force, the mentor, the friend, the trusted advisor to many doctors, such as Dr. Nash. He has seen and consulted more than 25k cosmetic cases, which is likely more than anyone else in the USA.

gil villavecer, sales and marketing

Gil Villavecer

Sales & Marketing guru, and Instagram influencer in the dental community (@gil_frontierdental). Gil has cracked the code to using social media to reach dentists and consumers.

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