Uncover the Truth About Who Is a Candidate For No Prep Veneers?

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Dr. CATRISE AUSTIN:  So, Gil, I get a lot of questions about no prep veneers.  People are scared to death to get their teeth shaved if they don’t have to.  So let’s talk about who is a candidate and who may not be. 

GIL VILLAVECER:  Okay.  Well, well with regards to candidate, that’s your expertise. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  Yes, it is. 

GIL:  By the time you’ve determined who’s a good candidate, then that’s our expertise. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  Right. 

GIL:  So go ahead. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  So if you have teeth that are really buck our sticking forward, really rotated, I’m going to have to ‑‑ to make them look like they’re straight without braces, we have to do some drilling. 

But if your teeth are a little bit shorter than you want them to be and you want it make them longer, if you have some minor spacing and you want to close the gaps, if we don’t have to do a lot of magic with your teeth ‑‑

GIL:  Yeah. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  ‑‑ then we can, more than likely, offer you no prep veneers.  But it really does require a consultation so we can determine if we can not shave your teeth. 

GIL:  Yeah.  From a lab perspective, we do no prep veneers all the time.  And, again, we work with expert cosmetic dentists that can identify the right type of patient. 

And it’s back to what I said before.  Once they’re on there, they’re very strong even though they’re thin, and we can ‑‑ here’s where the expertise of the lab comes in.  Even though they’re thinner, we can actually put in all the different characteristics so that if you have eight no prep veneers, its going to look like you have eight beautiful, natural teeth.

Dr. AUSTIN:  That’s right.  And if you get no prep veneers and you really should have had your teeth drilled on, they’re going to look bulky and unnatural, and I see that a lot. 

GIL:  Exactly. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  There’s a lot dentists overseas that advertise, “come to Columbia, no prep veneers” and sometimes you see that the results aren’t as natural looking as they could be. 

GIL:  Yeah.  And you have to manage your expectations.  No prep veneers sounds really good. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  It sounds great. 

GIL:  But not everybody’s a candidate.  Now, what you’ve done, and we’ve seen that is ‑‑ it might not be a no prep veneer, but it’s a minimum prep. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  Minimum prep. 

GIL:  That’s right.

Dr. AUSTIN:  Yeah.

GIL:  So when it’s minimal, all you’re doing is just creating enough surface for us to be able to put the veneer on. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  Yeah.  Because sometimes you have, like, a little hump or a little ‑‑

GIL:  Exactly. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  ‑‑ notch on your tooth, and we just have to just mildly shave it down or flatten it with sandpaper ‑‑

GIL:  Yeah so don’t be afraid of minimal prep veneers, even veneers for the most part, but when you hear no prep, that’s a very small percentage ‑‑

Dr. AUSTIN:  Very small. 

GIL:  ‑‑ minimal prep. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  Yeah.  Good job. 

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