How we can help your cosmetic dentistry practice grow.

Being a successful cosmetic dentist is all about creating a positive experience for your patients.

From our innovative marketing campaigns and smile simulations, to educational videos that help you develop skills in this field – we are here to help you succeed.

Provide your patients with veneer education and a Smile Simulation


  • Increase your patients confidence in cosmetic dentistry
  • They get a complimentary Smile Simulation from GetFrontierVeneers.com
  • Increase your case acceptance!

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The Frontier Smile Simulation Center

A Frontier Smile Simulation enables your patients to see preview of  what they could look like with a beautiful new smile.


Help your patients get excited about getting a smile they love and increase your case acceptance.


To learn more, visit GetFrontierVeneers.com

How To Use The Frontier Smile Book In Your Practice

  • Educate your patients on how veneers are made.
  • Start a conversation about your capabilities and extensive work as a cosmetic dentist.
  • Place these in your front reception area, every operatory, consultation room, and even on TV screens around your office.

Let The Frontier Smile Book Market Your Practice 24/7

Buy a pack of books at a discounted rate and pass them out to patients, local hair salons, med spas in your community, etc.

frontier smiles book

We'll personalize a label on the back of the books with your name and practice information so prospective patients can call to set up a consultation.


Post your work on social media and TAG @gil_frontierdental to get reposted.

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