Hey Doc, want to do more Cosmetic Dentistry?

Here’s how to get more leads with The Frontier Smile

Complimentary Smile Simulations For
Your Patients

Our proprietary Frontier Smile Simulation software was designed to get your patients excited about cosmetic dentistry.

  • Your patient simply sends us a selfie, and enters ‘Your Name’ on the contact form. Our team of trained professionals will then personalize a Frontier Smile Simulation for your patient.
  • Only you and your patient will receive a copy of the simulation. Here’s your opportunity to discuss with your patient what is possible with cosmetic dentistry and address their specific needs. 
The Frontier Smile
QR Easel

Give your patients the opportunity to preview what their smile could look like with your cosmetic dentistry.

  • Your patients will have a Frontier Smile Simulation to show their family and friends what you are able to provide.
  • Use this as an opportunity to educate your patients on the veneer process, address their specific needs and set realistic expectations.
  • Increase your case acceptance!

How the Complimentary Frontier Smile QR Easel Works

  • Your patient scans the QR Code with their phone (it’s like viewing a menu at your favorite restaurant).
  • Your patient enters Your Name on the Quick Connect Form and uploads a selfie.
  • You will then get an email containing their before/after Smile Simulation and can use this to discuss what is possible with cosmetic dentistry and address their specific needs.
  • Check out the link attached to the QR Code:  Your Dentist Only – The Frontier Smile Simulation
**Typical simulation turnaround times are 1-3 hours. Priority gets placed on Frontier Top Cosmetic Dentists
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