Scanning Tips to achieve the best results

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Hi, my name is Jon Hayner with Frontier Dental Lab. 

I just wanted to talk about making sure that we’re getting really, really nice scans, and there’s two things that you can do to ensure that this happens.

Number one is we really have to control moisture. So we really need to get saliva and blood out of the way of the prep.

A lot of people use air syringe. I would recommend using gauze. So have the patient bite down on gauze, make sure that area’s completely dry prior to scanning, and we should have a clear prep to design the crown on.

Secondly, it is very important also to manage the tissue. So please make sure your packing cord, all of the tissue is out of the way around the perimeter of the preparation, and if you have to use a soft tissue laser, something to accommodate that, that would be great.

So again, in summary, control moisture and manage tissue, and you should have a great scan that provides us really good prep.

The final step in the scan would just be double checking that we can clearly see the finish lines.

Most scan systems have a feature where you can turn the color scan into a monochromatic form. So this you can really tell if there is clear delineation between soft tissue and the tooth prep

color vs monochromatic

Scanning for Implants

Video Transcript:

The first and probably most important part of scanning an implant case is choosing to do a pre-op scan, which will capture the soft tissue around the implant.

This is extremely important, so that we know how to design the emergence of not only the abutment, but the crown as well.

The second part is we’d always like to know what implant system it is, the diameter, and then with the scan body, if you can provide the scan body part number, that would be helpful as well.

Lastly, please remove the scan body prior to a bite.

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