Frontier Smiles v3.0

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Educate and entertain patients through an interactive and unique learning experience. Increase their confidence in your skills, the veneer process and get them excited to talk to you about veneers.

Start a Conversation

Build Trust

Close More Cases


  • 40 pages of before/after images of actual patients with FrontierVeneers, a peek behind the scenes of the veneer making process, and interactive content to educate and inspire your patients.
  • QR Codes that link to video testimonials from patients who have had life-changing results after receiving FrontierVeneers.
  • Personalized copies with your practices’ information – pass out to patients or local businesses to attract new patients to your practice.

Personalize & Promote Your Practice

*Available when you purchase a 10pk, 25pk, 50pk

Add your contact information to the back of each book to market your practice.

Pass these out to local business and anywhere people go to enhance their beauty and image.

How To Use This Book​

Put it in your goodie bag

Increase goodwill toward your office by sending patients home with a gallery of smiles that will help build stronger relationships and trust.

Show them what's possible in your practice!


Allow patients to pick up a copy and browse through while they wait. It's a great conversation starter.

Pass it out to local businesses

Hair salons, nail salons, day spas and anywhere people go to enhance their beauty and image.

Let the book market your practice 24/7

Potential cosmetic dentistry patients will show and tell their family and friends about your dentistry and the smiles that are possible from you.

doctor lauren steddum showing her patient frontier veneers in the frontier smiles book
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