FITWEAR: #wellmakeyouSMILE


This premium, athletic fit shirt is guaranteed to start a conversation about dentistry. Show it off in your community.

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FITWEAR – #wellmakeyouSMILE


  1. Guaranteed to start a conversation about Dentistry
  2. Dentistry and Good Health is hard work – show it off in your community
  3. It’s a shirt that goes great with yoga pants, shorts or jeans. Selfie Approved!
  4. High quality, Athletic Fit by American Apparel Tri-Blend Collection
  5. Very subtle Frontier Branding… it’s your shirt, your practice
  6. Post on your Social Media, tag @gil_frontierdental and your pic will be reposted and shared to thousands. We may even use in our Direct to Consumer Campaigns

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  1. Gil

    Great shirt. I wore it to the mall. While in line at Jamba Juice, 2 people came up to me and said “what’s that Smile thing, are you a dentist?” It works!

  2. Dr. Mike

    Super comfortable. Someone stopped me on the street in downtown San Francisco and asked me about what it means, instant segue into talking about dentistry with a potential patient!

  3. Doctor Kuan

    The fabric on this shirt is spectacular. The packaging it comes shipped in is superb. Most importantly, it is a clean design that is meant to be a conversation starter! It’s of those shirts that doesn’t scream “I’m a tooth doctor!” but conveys a upscale message “I’m here to make you happy!” Overall, I’m always impressed at Gil and what he does to help me practice. At a sale price of $22…I’d buy it again in a heartbeat!

  4. Jessica G.

    Sooo soft and feels amazing on!! Love this shirt!! ?❤

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