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Welcome to Frontier Dental Lab

Welcome to Frontier Dental Lab

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Our competitive prices include FedEx overnight shipping and handling both ways.

Complete the contact form below and a fee schedule will be promptly e-mailed to you by Gil.

We typically require 12 days in the lab for fabrication.  If you set appointments 2 weeks out between prep and seat, there should be no issues. If you need a RUSH case, no problem, no extra charge - as long as you don't make it a habit!


Step 2


Once you review the fee schedule and lab information, reply to Gil’s email to have your account setup, supplies sent to you overnight, and to get you connected with your Smile Designer.

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Your Smile Designer will contact you to review your case, your preferences (such as contacts and occlusion), and communication standards.

Our doctors are the best.

Their Choice in Dental Labs is Pretty Good Too!

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Expertly Crafted WaxUps

All of our WaxUps are expertly crafted to display truly natural artistry, aesthetics, form, fit and function.

The Perfect Fit Every Time

We fabricate 3-4 models for the restorations to ensure a great fit, functionality and predictable outcomes.

Timely & Predictable Delivery

In 2019 we delivered 98.9% of cases on time.
Mother Nature likely affected the other 1.1

Digital Workflow Made easy

If you have a scanner, we support it! We make it easy for you to send your digital files.
Send us your digital files

Awards & Accolades

We've won medals at The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and countless of our cases have been published in leading dentistry journals and publications.

Your Smile Designers

Your Smile Designer is your partner in success. They work closely with you to deliver a highly personalized, communicative relationship. You'll want to have them on speed dial!
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