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Communication is a priority for us. We actively listen to your needs so that we can best serve you and your practice. It’s our commitment to this open dialogue that has led to our success, and we never stop striving to better understand the small nuances in communication that are important to you as an individual or as part of your dental team.

Our strength is our team of exceptional technicians and reputation for delivering consistent and predictable results in all phases of the Smile Design process from digital design to fabrication to delivery.
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Please complete this Quick Contact Form and Gil will e-mail you shortly with a fee schedule.

If immediate assistance is required, call us at 800-790-3999

Turnaround Times &  Shipping: We typically require 12 days in the lab for fabrication.  If you set appointments 2 weeks out between prep and seat, there should be no issues. If you need a RUSH case, no problem, no extra charge – as long as you don’t make it a habit! We use FedEx Overnight and shipping is included in our fees

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Frontier Smiles

Jump start your cosmetic dentistry practice with the “Frontier Smiles” book.

This cosmetic dentistry smile gallery book will help you to show your patients what is possible and to start a conversation about your capabilities as a Cosmetic Dentist.
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