How Long Does It Take to Get Veneers Put On?

DR. CATRISE AUSTIN:  Another really good question that I just got is how long does it take to get veneers put on?  Well, from the dentist perspective, in my office, I need two visits. 

Generally, it will take about up to two weeks apart, really depends on how many we’re doing and how much time the lab needs to create their magic.  But my visits for about six veneers might take about two‑and‑a‑half hours each visit. 

Let’s talk about the lab.


Dr. AUSTIN:  What are you guys doing over there?

VILLAVECER:  From the lab perspective ‑‑ so if you think about it, they’ve done their first visit with you, and then you send the case off to the lab.  We need about ten working days at the lab, so, really, it fits in with your two‑week time period; right? 

Dr. AUSTIN:  Yes. 

VILLAVECER:  So the patient comes in on a Friday, two Fridays from now, they’ll have their veneers. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  Better than braces.  Better than ‑‑ yeah. 

VILLAVECER:  No six months or a year of ortho, and they’ve got their brand new veneers just in time for their big event. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  Yes. 


Dr. AUSTIN:  Now, are there scenarios that we can do it a little bit sooner, if somebody needs a smile for a special occasion perhaps?

VILLAVECER:  You know, for our VIP clients, such as yourself at VIP Smiles ‑‑

Dr. AUSTIN:  Yes. 

VILLAVECER:  ‑‑ yes, it can be done.  Now, if everything is rushed, then, obviously, we can’t produce it, but if it’s a one‑off that needs it done, and you’ll have to use your best judgment ‑‑

Dr. AUSTIN:  Yes. 

VILLAVECER:  ‑‑ and you’ll call us to say, “Hey, I’ve got this ten‑unit veneer case for my special patient that I’d like ‑‑ she’d like to have done in time for her wedding.” 

Dr. AUSTIN:  Yes. 

VILLAVECER:  Something like that.  We’ll make it happen. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  You can make exceptions. 

VILLAVECER:  We’ll make it happen for you. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  Now, does that drive the cost up a little bit? 

VILLAVECER:  Not for our VIP clients. 

Dr. AUSTIN:  Okay.  Sounds good.  I mean, you know, I get calls randomly that ‑‑ you know, sometimes my celeb clients need their smiles by tomorrow, so ‑‑

VILLAVECER:  Then we make something happen.  Not quite tomorrow, but ‑‑

Dr. AUSTIN:  We recently ‑‑

VILLAVECER:  ‑‑ a couple of days.

Dr. AUSTIN:  We recently got an emergency call and ‑‑

VILLAVECER:  It wasn’t even an emergency.  It was just a ‑‑

Dr. AUSTIN:  Just a ‑‑

VILLAVECER:  Hey, Dr. Austin.

Dr. AUSTIN:  Hi, can you ‑‑ you know ‑‑

VILLAVECER:  Can you hook me up by this weekend? 

Dr. AUSTIN:  Can you hook me up?  Yeah.  And we ‑‑ and we do it. 

VILLAVECER:  And we do it.

Dr. AUSTIN:  So. 

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