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Turnaround Times &  Shipping: We typically require 12 days in the lab for fabrication.  If you set appointments 2 weeks out between prep and seat, there should be no issues. If you need a RUSH case, no problem, no extra charge – as long as you don’t make it a habit! We use FedEx Overnight and shipping is included in our fees

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Tools To Help You Succeed As A Cosmetic Dentist

Being a successful cosmetic dentist is all about creating a positive experience for your patients.

From our innovative marketing campaigns and smile simulations, to educational videos that help you develop skills in this field – we are here to help you succeed.

The Frontier Smile Simulation Center

We offer complimentary Smile Simulations for your patients.

  • You will get an email containing their before/after, their contact information and a quick description of what they are looking for in their new smile.

How The Frontier Smile QR Counter Card Works

How The Frontier Smile QR Counter Card Works

  • Your patient scans the QR Code with their phone
  • Your patient enters Your Name on the Quick Connect Form and uploads a selfie
  • You will then get an email containing their before/after Smile Simulation
  • Typical turnaround time is 1 business day

Benefits To Your Practice

Put Our Complimentary QR Counter Card In Your Office To…

  • Spark more interest in cosmetic dentistry from every patient
  • Gain more authority as a top cosmetic dentist in your area
  • Increase perceived value of your office via technology
  • Grow your cosmetic revenues

How To Use The Frontier Smile Book In Your Practice

  • Educate your patients on how veneers are made.
  • Start a conversation about your capabilities and extensive work as a cosmetic dentist.
  • Place these in your front reception area, every operatory, consultation room, and even on TV screens around your office.

Let The Frontier Smile Book Market Your Practice 24/7

Buy a pack of books at a discounted rate and pass them out to patients, local hair salons, med spas in your community, etc.

frontier smiles book

We’ll personalize a label on the back of the books with your name and practice information so prospective patients can call to set up a consultation.


We Feature You On Social Media

Post your work on social media and TAG @gil_frontierdental to get reposted.

Learn From The Best, Brent West

One of the most important aspects in a patient’s treatment is communication between the dentist and their laboratory.


In the Brent Explains Video Series, Brent West shares some tips and tricks to help you with Lab Communication, Prep Design, and more.


The videos are short but informative so you can get the information you need in under 3 minutes.


Watch the Brent Explains Series Here


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