Diagnostic Design: Full Crown Preparation

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Brent of Frontier Dental Laboratory, and here’s how we suggest that you prep this case. These are full crowns here, and you can see that there’s uniform reduction across there. The inclination of the preps are good, and they are full crowns.


The reason why you would do that, obviously, if you’re changing vertical, in this case, that we are, so we’re controlling the lingual pathways of the teeth. And then also, sometimes you might need to do a full crown on your case here.


But you’ll also notice that we have good inclinations on the preps, that the margins are pretty much at an equal level here, and it is generally used for full contour zirconia, porcelain fused zirconia, and EMAX here.


But again, this is a case where you would be prepping for a full crowns.


If you have any questions, you can contact your Smile Designer. Thank you.

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