Frontier Smiles

A cosmetic dentistry smile gallery book

Use this book to

  • Show your patients what is possible.

  • Start a conversation about your capabilities as a Cosmetic Dentist.

  • Show how everyday people have gained confidence, youth, and beauty.

doctor trevor thomas with a petient
  • Show what’s involved when their restorations are made.

  • Communicate with your lab (hopefully us!) the style, shape, shade, and translucency you and your patient wants.

  • Build and grow your Cosmetic Dentistry practice!

Our mission is to help dentists succeed! When you succeed, we succeed. When you can put such a valuable tool in the hands and minds of your patients for a very nominal amount, we believe it’s a Game Changer.

Also – get the digital version so you’re planting seeds all day long throughout your office.

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