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Discover how dentists use "Frontier Smiles" to build stronger relationships with their patients and change the way they talk about cosmetic dentistry.

  • Show your patients what is possible.

  • Start a conversation about your capabilities as a Cosmetic Dentist.

  • Show how everyday people have gained confidence, youth, and beauty.

photo collage featuring dentists holding the frontier smiles cosmetic smile gallery book
  • Show what’s involved when their restorations are made.

  • Communicate with your lab (hopefully us!) the style, shape, shade, and translucency you and your patient wants.

  • Build and grow your Cosmetic Dentistry practice!

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Communication is everything! It’s a team effort and it’s all about the pre-planning. When we decide on the new smile you’re looking for, we take time to understand what is important to you. From shade, shape, color, texture – we decide on what suits you best. It’s not one size fits all.

This part is so exciting – to see what’s possible.

Honestly this is the best part of my job. Creating confidence.”

“Every veneer is a masterpiece and it takes an artist to create one. I only want the best for my patients and or me that means working with Frontier Dental Lab to get quality and  the most natural work. They have talented ceramists that take pride at what they do and they are very good at it!

And now with the (Frontier Smiles) book they have put together, I can show my patients how the veneers are made, the facility where the magic happens, and most importantly many before and after photos of smile transformations.”

“I always say…it takes a village. Some of these incredible transformation cases you all see are collaborations with the amazing Frontier Dental Lab

This book I’m holding “Frontier Smiles” literally helped to secure a life changing smile makeover. It gave my patient an understanding of the possibilities. It showed her where and how this smile smile is being made, it gave her insight on the intricate process, the extensive detail, the unwavering commitment to perfection and most importantly… the LOVE!!”

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