Going Digital In Your Practice? Here Are 4 Ways We Can Help You

Technology is everywhere, all around us and now a vital part of everyday life. Maybe you asked Google or Alexa this morning about the weather for the day, or perhaps what traffic looked like for your commute. On your drive to work you probably glanced at your car’s built in touch screen GPS or even had a hands-free phone call. 

Technology is here to help us, it’s here to stay, and it is designed to make our lives easier. Dental technologies were designed to help your practice run more efficiently.

For those of you who have recently purchased a scanner or are considering it, you know that there are many benefits to converting either fully or partially.

Learn how Frontier Dental Lab can help you create a digital workflow, maximize patient experience, increase efficiency, and more.

1. Lab Communication

With your Intraoral scanner you can scan the patient, send it to Frontier through the appropriate IOS portal, and within 10 minutes, we are viewing the 3D scan in real time, treatment planning the case together, judging prep design, evaluating clearance, reviewing materials, and more, all while the patient is still in the chair. 

No more sending impressions, getting a call after the fact, then having to recall the patient for additional information.

2. Patient Experience

Having the ability to show patients their teeth in 3-Dimensions helps them visualize necessary treatments. Further, it promotes education, enabling patients to make informed decisions regarding their unique dental situation.

3D models offer patients a greater understanding of their dental condition compared to X-Rays. 

Additionally, there are many patients who are reluctant to visit the dentist due to preexisting fears or past negative experiences.

Digital scanning eliminates these issues and gives patients peace of mind while visiting you.

"processing time on these cases is accelerated by having everything we need with the click of a button."

3. Time

Time is always a factor in dentistry. Technology is designed to increase efficiency, right? With Digital Scanning, chair time is significantly decreased. Full arch scans can be accomplished in less than 3 minutes per arch with most systems, allowing you time for more patients. Also, you don’t have to pack up and send a case via FedEx or UPS and Frontier does not have to wait for analog impressions to arrive via plane or truck. Most importantly, processing time on these cases is accelerated by having everything we need with the click of a button.

4. Digital Precision

Traditionally, all dentistry happens manually, leaving the possibility of human error in record taking. Bad impressions lead to bad restorations–period. Digital dentistry provides a much higher level of precision at every stage of the workflow, providing better fitting restorations done in a faster, more consistent fashion.


Going digital is the future of dental restoration, and Frontier Dental Lab is leading the way. Let’s recap a few of the advantages:

1. Improve Patient Experience: Going digital means shorter turnaround times and fewer remakes, both of which improve the patient experience.

2. Increase Efficiency and Optimize Chair Time: By digitizing your process, you’ll see a decrease in the time it takes to complete each restoration, allowing you to see more patients in the same amount of time.

3. Reduce Remakes: One of the biggest benefits of going digital is that it reduces the likelihood of remakes.

4. Partner with Frontier Dental Lab for Your Digital Restorations: When you partner with us, you get access to our team of experts who will help you make a smooth transition to a fully or partially digital workflow.

If you’re ready to make the switch to digital restorations, partner with us. We’ll connect you with our team of experts who will help you get up and running quickly and easily.

Our Equipment

We have chosen  and invested in the best equipment to manufacture your product. For milling we use the robust, proven, and super accurate Ivoclar PM7, 5 axis mills. These high-performance machines mill our PMMA, Wax, Zirconia and a lot more.

For additive manufacturing we are 3D printing with Asiga, which is fast and accurate ensuring marginal integrity along with dimensional stability.

Ivoclar PM7, 5 Axis Mill
Asiga 3D Printer
Picture of Jon Hayner

Jon Hayner

Chief Technical Officer

If you have any questions or want to request more information about our digital workflow, contact me at

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