Diagnostic Design: Conservative Prep – not breaking the contacts

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Brent at Frontier Dental Laboratory, and here’s a suggested way that you can prep the case that you are working on.


This is a very conservative prep where we are not breaking the contacts here. There’s pros and cons to this, obviously. Less tooth structure removal. The teeth are pretty much already orthodontically in the right spot, so you can really get away with not having to slice or break through the contacts and such.


Notice the uniformity of the reduction across the preps here. The only thing that you might have to consider is that notice the preps of 8 and 9 here are a little bit wide. We’re trying to narrow the smile a little bit there. You may need to prep the distals, do slice preps on the distals. But in this case, you didn’t have to.


Generally, these cases do not have any rotations. They do not have any canted midlines.


Also, be careful – that there is an existing black triangle. You might not need to slice all the way through, but you might need to push back the preps just a little bit there.


But here is a good example of a minimal prep case here where you’re not doing slice preps.


If you have any questions, you can contact your Smile Designer. Thank you.

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