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Frontier Dental Laboratories – We are a world-renowned dental lab that provides fixed restorations that include cosmetic veneers, implants, and single units for everyday dentistry.



We collaborate with dentists of all skill levels and experience, from recent graduates to Accredited clinicians. We will help you deliver the Frontier Smile to your patients.

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tshirt printed with #wellmakeyousmile

The Conversation Starter.

This premium, athletic fit shirt is guaranteed to start a conversation about dentistry. Show it off in your community.

photo collage featuring dentists holding the frontier smiles cosmetic smile gallery book
Increase Case
Acceptance with
Frontier Smiles
Jump start your cosmetic dentistry practice with the “Frontier Smiles” book.

This cosmetic dentistry smile gallery book will help you to show your patients what is possible and to start a conversation about your capabilities as a Cosmetic Dentist.

Send Us Your Digital Scans

Our state-of-the-art laboratory utilizes cutting edge dental imaging and manufacturing technology.

If you have a scanner, we support it! We make it easy for you to send your digital files. Click below.

table top ful of hand held scanners

Connecting patients & dentists for more confident smiles

We have partnered with Smile Virtual to provide our valued clients with one of the best tools to increase their Cosmetic Dentistry practice.

Over 35 years of experience.

Frontier Dental Laboratories has grown and evolved into one of North America and Europe’s most trusted cosmetic dental laboratories.

We pride ourselves on easy, accessible communication that works on your schedule.

Dependability, consistency, and predictability is what we strive for to make sure the honeymoon lasts forever.

We inspire confidence for YOU and your patients.

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