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    Quality Design Requires Quality Products

    As a full service state-of-the art dental lab, we work with you on not only your most complex aesthetic cases, but also your everyday crown and bridge cases.

    Click on the below names for full descriptions of some of the products we offer:

    IPS e.Max® Restorations

    E.MAX All Ceramic All You Need!

    e.Max® delivers the ultimate in metal free esthetics and strength utilizing both Pressable and CAD/CAM technologies.

    Designed with versatility and simplicity in mind, e.max lets you select from multiple framework materials giving you the versatility you want while always veneering with the same ceramic giving you the simplicity you need. IPS e.Max® provides outstanding esthetics, high strength, and predictable shade matching even with difficult combination cases. Now, the laboratory can produce the highest quality esthetic restorations using the most progressive fabrication methods with the industry’s most innovative materials.

    For more information on IPS e.Max® Restorations, please visit the Ivoclar Vivadent website at www.ivoclarvivadent.us.com.

    IPS e.Max® Restorations is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

    Empress® Esthetic Natural-Looking Restoration System

    Press for Fit, Layer for Beauty

    Throughout the last 15 years, and into the future, it is the mission of Ivoclar Vivadent to refine, enhance and prefect Empress® so that it remains the brand that offers the profession the ideal combination of simplicity, elegance, esthetics, and function. Now, dramatic esthetic results are even easier to achieve with a new addition to the IPS Empress® family – IPS Empress® Esthetic.

    With over 25 million restorations placed worldwide, Empress® delivers the ultimate in metal-free esthetics and trusted clinical performance. Optimizing a technique developed by Lee Culp, CDT and further refined with Lee, Matt Roberts and Jurgen Seger, CDT, this material raises the bar for pressable ceramics, delivering even more life-like esthetic results and improved physical properties.

    Empress® raises the bar for pressable ceramics delivering the fit of a pressed restoration with the esthetics of a layered restoration. Ideal for veneers, Empress® Esthetic provides your technician with the materials to create a life-like veneer with the characterization and translucency you and your patients expect. These true-to-nature esthetics are not limited to veneers. Empress® Esthetic can also be prescribed for crowns, inlays, and onlays.

    Empress® Esthetic offers a new leucite reinforced glass ceramic with available in 11 ingot shades, including an extended selection in the bleach range, Empress® Esthetic offers increased flexibility in ingot selection. The dispersion of leucite crystals in the Empress® Esthetic ingot provides greater homogeneity resulting in enhanced ingot dentistry with improved flexural strength. Used with a traditional staining technique, the new Empress® Esthetic ingot delivers outstanding esthetics.

    EMPRESS® Esthetic Offers:

    • True-to-nature esthetics
    • Homogeneous leucite crystal distribution allowing for higher flexural strength and improved opticial properties
    • Optimized color and clarity
    • 11 ingot shades including extended shades in the bleach range

    Empress® Esthetic is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

    Diagnostic Services

    The diagnostic wax-up is often the most important tool for selling treatment, case presentation, and case planning. At Frontier Dental Laboratories, we have a group of highly skilled technicians who are able to create detailed, fully functional diagnostic waxups that you can use to assure function and esthetics for your case. The unrivaled communication that the diagnostic wax-up is able to provide dramatically increases case acceptance.


    • Mock-up of expected restoration(s)


    • Used for patient case presentation, case acceptance and as a model for making provisionals.

    PFM - Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal

    Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal has remained one of the most predictable and strongest choices for dental restorations. These restorations bring esthetics while providing amazing strength and function in the posterior areas of the mouth. Frontier Dental Laboratories, Inc. was built on creating high quality PFM units and we continue to fabricate exceptional restorations that you and your patients can have confidence in. PFM restorations are our first choice for implants.


    • Hybrid porcelain fused to metal


    • Crowns
    • Bridges
    • Posterior


    • Cement


    • Strength
    • Proven effectiveness
    • Long term durability
    • Porcelain margins can be added


    Our implant department is focused on creating superior implant attachments. Whether you need a single restoration or a full mouth case, consider implants as a viable and practical option. We work with several manufacturers in order to ensure you are using the best implant system for your specific case. Our technicians undergo substantial training and are up to date on the various implant systems and latest technology to maintain the quality restorations you would expect from Frontier Dental Laboratories, Inc.


    • Varies, can be made with many of the products listed in our products pages


    • Crowns over surgically placed titanium implants
    • Anterior/Posterior


    • Follow manufacturer’s instructions


    • No damage or change to adjacent teeth

    Gold Restorations

    When you offer your patient cast gold restorations, you are offering long lasting strength and esthetics. The durability and wear resistance found in a gold restoration is unsurpassed. Our gold department, here at Frontier Dental Laboratories, Inc., is well trained on the intricacies of working with cast metal, and has attended numerous courses on the subject. Only the highest quality restorations are produced, so you can be assured that your patient will enjoy their value and beauty for years to come.


    • Gold


    • Crowns
    • Bridges
    • Inlays/Onlays
    • Posterior


    • Cement


    • Precise fit
    • Withstands biting and chewing forces
    • Biocompatible
    • Doesn’t chip
    • Long lasting
    • Minimal wear on opposing teeth
    • Plaque resistant


    Frontier Dental Laboratories, Inc. offers high quality temporary restorations that will give your patient the provisional smile they deserve. These superior provisionals can help to eliminate adjustments and lengthy chair time often needed during placement.


    • Varies


    • Temporary restorations


    • Non-eugenol cement


    • Allows for a trial period to work out cosmetics and function

    Brilliance Z Full-Contour Zirconia

    Full Crowns, Copings & Frameworks

    Introducing Brilliance Z, Frontier’s newest breakthrough in the dental field. The strength aspects of full-contour zirconia restorations are well known in the dental world. Brilliance Z not only has the strength of a monolithic zirconia restoration, but it’s also virtually fracture-proof and requires minimal stain and glaze. This means you deliver a higher level of function, strength and beauty to your patients.

    Brilliance Z can be prescribed for single units and long-span bridges. It is an ideal substitution for PFM’s and gold crowns to address tight bites, bruzers and grinders. Brilliance Z is produced through the use of CAD/CAM Technology resulting in exceptionally precise restorations.
    • Made of pre-sintered yttria stabilized tetragonal zirconia – Frontier skilled technicians stain & glaze the milled polycrystalline ceramics (YTZP) resulting in restorations with outstanding esthetics and enhanced translucency
    • Flexural strength of Mpa 1000 +/- 100 Mpa for a natrual look
    • Can be cemented using traditional dental cements
    • Health Canada & FDA approved
    • CAD/CAM technology ensures precise marginal fit
    • Made of pre-sintered yttria stabilized tetragonal zirconia
    • Frontier skilled technicians stain & glaze the milled polycrystalline ceramics (YTZP)

    Brilliance Z Zirconia Crown Frontier Dental Lab

    Brilliance Z Zirconia Crown Frontier Dental Lab

    Authentic Pressable All-Ceramic Porcelain

    AUTHENTIC®  When Esthetics Matter Most

    Authentic porcelain is a low fusing, leucite reinforced pressable ceramic system.  This user friendly system provides you the ability to stain or layer without changing materials, reducing unnecessary inventory components.  Authentic delivers what you need in a pressable all-ceramic material.  Its versatility provides you results that create a look of natural beauty and warmth.

    The Authentic Pressable All-Ceramic system includes:

    • 60+ ingot shades available in 4 different opacity levels, providing an ingot for every indication
    • A full range of dentins, enamels, opals and modifiers allowing infinite artistic possibilities
    • A familiar pressing technology requiring minimal training and can be easily implemented in your lab.
    • Jensen Dental’s unsurpassed technical, sales and educational support

    Authentic porcelain, both the ingots and layering materials, are manufactured within a highly controlled crystallization process.  This process results in a leucite crystal microstructure that delivers exceptional esthetics as well as handling and processing advantages for the dental lab technician.  These leucite crystals enhance the restoration strength and produce a natural deflection and scattering of light delivering a natural looking restoration.

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